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Commercial Demo

Demo of recent Commercial projects


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Sample of Narration Projects recently completed.

Audio Books

Recently completed narration of 13 novels by Mark Twain as pseudo Lee Howard.


eLearning, educational Demo

Selections of eLearning, Explainer and Educational projects.

What You'll Hear

Sennheiser mkh 415T, a classic narration microphone, Voice over Booth, Steinberg Cubase Elements 10


Mature, Smooth and Warm. Accent Neutral, Solid, Reassuring, Confident, Credible, Guy Next Door, Storyteller, Articulate, Senior, Powerful, Commanding, Genuine, Internet, Documentary, Trustworthy, Executive,  Educational, Motivational, Explainer, Whiteboard, Serious business professional or wry, dry and witty,

"Favorite" me so you can find me fast for your next project.

Narration, script, Voice actor, voice over, Narrator, TV Documentary series, YouTube video, audio books


As experienced artists in the industry, we know how to place your message within the project. Once we've worked together to create your distinct message, we record to give your message the greatest impact.

 Voice Actor, narration, voiceover, voice over, working in a padded room, talking to ourself. Narrator, audio book producer.


As a Voice Actor, We are both invested in 100% Satisfaction of our Client, this is a Team Effort, and the narration is not completed until that is accomplished.


Recent Projects

Impossible Planet

Filmed spectacular 4K, a celebration of the most unique features of our Planet. Narrated 13 episodes of "Impossible Planet" from White Spark Pictures and Blizzard Road Productions

Narration of 13 episodes of this dynamic nature series.  From luminescent, electric-blue waves crashing ashore to mysterious fairy circles as far as the eye can see, all are seemingly miraculous in their existence. Some can be reasonably explained, but others baffle even the most experienced of scientists. This series takes us on a journey around our vast planet to discover just how strange and unaccounted for our world can be. Welcome to our Impossible Planet. 

35 Serial Killers the World Wants to Forget

A view into the acts of 35 individuals who have fascinated audiences worldwide. Currently available on TVNZonDemand and other networks around the World. Narrator of 13 episodes.

Narrator for the 13 episodes completed in 2018.  

‘35 Serial Killers the World Wants to Forget’ uses file vision,  reenactments, witness accounts, interviews with experts, friends, family,  and people who just may have met them once, to create stories that  investigate the mind and actions of serial killers.

The series does not glamorize the killers, instead it will give us  an understanding of why, why some people in society do kill, and why  others see this as a fascination.

Convicted But Innocent

A series about individuals incarcerated for crimes they did not commit. Narrated 8 episodes of "Convicted But Innocent" from Vivid Page Media and Blizzard Road Productions, currently in distribution.

Narration of 8 episodes in 2019.


Factual TV Series

'Convicted But Innocent' reveals the true experience of being  wrongfully convicted and the impact that lasts well beyond the prison  bars.

What Clients Say

Blizzard Road Productions

Narration of 35 Serial Killers TV Documentary series, crime series, TVNZOnDemand


Lee  is a professional, his narration on our series ’35 Serial Killers the  World Wants to Forget’ was exactly what we were looking for, a voice of  authority combined with empathy.

Our  deadlines were very tight and this required someone to be able to  interpret the scripts and turn them around in short periods of time. Lee  was able to do this, there was little fuss, he just got on with the  job. I should also mention that his voice is smooth, easy to listen to,  and has a style that is perfect for crime television. I would recommend  Lee to any producer or director, and would be happy to discuss further  if required.

Ray Pedretti

Executive Producer

Blizzard Road Productions

VeracityColab / Irvine Company

Audio Recording Booth, Sennheiser mkh415T, great voiceover microphone


Lee has been such a joy  to work alongside.  He is quick to deliver files and very easy to  communicate with.  He's always humble and willing to take coaching, as  well as provide pickups to make sure you as the client get what you need  to delight your end client.  Thanks Lee!"

Chinese Union Mission

Magic Happening Microphone setup, don't ever do this at any production studio

 I am very happy to have Mr. Lee Jagow to do the recording.  He is so  good and friendly.  He has a wonderful voice and he has done a good job.   Many blessings to him. 

NightWalker Book Trailer 2

Book Trailer narrator, Batman, Nightwalker

 Top notch,  Great audio too!! 


Great Sounds...Perfect Image, the gateway to your message and their brain

 Great voice and outstanding service! Thank you! 


Solar Voice Over Client, YouTube video promotion

 Excellent job, very professional! 

 Awesome job once again!  Nailed it! 

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